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I have a penchant for teaching about investment real estate and helping people analyze the better properties to purchase. Many of my clients are attorneys, engineers and successful entrepreneurs. Others are commercial property buyers/tenants, first time home buyers, first time income property owners or the experienced of all areas. Call me to help answer your California real estate questions.


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Vincent Serhan



There’s a reason why people love looking at photos of homes for sale — it’s rare that we get to see a place look it’s very best, and scrolling through gorgeous room after room helps serious buyers see themselves settling down in those very rooms.But…
Daydreaming about owning your own home is one of the most intoxicating practices known to modern man, especially now that HGTV and all the house flipping shows make it look like a cake walk. But when the time comes to actually put your money where your daydream is, it can…